You know how you like it, you know how you want it, and you certainly know how you enjoy it.   Of course, I'm talking about SATIN!   The shine and the feel is
something quite special.   We all like and appreciate men's satin clothing from satin shirts and satin jackets to satin sheets and absolutely everything else inbetween.   Whether you wear your satin out doors, wear it privately, or simply enjoy watching other guys wearing their satin, this website is here for you.

I have tried to fill this website with something for every one from pictures to videos and more.    Over the past couple of years this website has grown and evolved to what it is today, and it will continue to grow and evolve as time goes on.   I've tried to keep it basic and simple, and I work hard at keeping it fresh and new by adding updates at regular intervals.   It's never a chore building this website as I love satin just as much as you do, plus I also love playing around with computers, and with the marriage of my two loves, this website was born - and with what keeps me occupied as a hobby, I share with you.

Have fun with my website and I hope you enjoy the many satin journeys you have with this website.   Explore everything as every page is dedicated to both men's satin clothing and you.   You are now officially part of a growing world wide community that love men's satin clothing - welcome to the club my fellow satinista!

Here is everything explained I have on offer for you in my smooth & shiny satin website:

Homepage:    The homepage has all the links to every part of my website, The Galleries, The SATIN Fan club, and all other satin related pages.
Keep checking the Homepage for news of any changes and updates I add in the future.   You will also find the link buton
What's new/Coming up where I list everything I add and news of what I have planned for the future, so keep checking!

The SATIN Fan Club:   Join The SATIN Fan Club to keep informed with how this websites progresses, you will receive emails detailing all future updates.

The SATIN message boards
:   The SATIN message boards contain 3 forums all themed on the subject of satin:
SATIN website news' where I will post details of all the satiny goings on with this website.   The other forum is for you,
Satin Discussions', here you can post messages, ask questions or any thing else relating with satin mens clothing.
'Your SATIN story', this forum is for you to add your part to a continuing satin related story written by satin fans world wide.

The DALLAS diaries:   Here you can read the daily blogs of Dallas, a satin shirt lover, and all the twists and turns of his life, loves and of course his satin shirts.

Picture Galleries:    I have divided the galleries into easy to use categories, each gallery page has 60 fast loading thumbnails for you to click on to to view the
full size image.   Each full size image opens in a new window (or tab, depending how your browser is set up) so you never get navigated away from the current
gallery page you are on.   There are
thousands of pictures for you to view and enjoy.

Satin Video Mashups
:    This section is full of music videos where, from the original videos, I cut the satiny bits and re-edited them to a new music track to
make a brand new video - a Satin Video Mashup.   More info on the Satin Video Mashups Index page.

Satin Videos Galleries
:    The Videos Gallery is categorised into 8 galleries, Satin Jackets Videos, Satin Shirts Videos, Bomber Jackets Videos,
Satin Music Videos
, Satin Shorts & Robes Videos, Shiny Nylon Jackets Videos, Other Satin Videos and Compilation Videos.
All videos contain guys wearing male satin clothing, all very sexy and all very shiny!

Satin Loops On:    This gallery is full of satin videos on a loop that just run and run and run.    Each loop is a shiny clip taken from your favourite
videos found in this website.    The clip ranges from just a few seconds to longer, and edited so the satin loops run seamlessly - FOREVER!
To view each loop in FULL SCREEN, just double click your chosen loop.

The SATIN microsite:    This special section is full of extra exclusive interactive satin goodies.   It's a small extra website bringing you satin pictures and
animating gifs in a light hearted and fun interactive way.   There's lot's to see and do.  

Satin Links:   On this page are links to other SATIN related websites, clubs or groups.   Please submit any satin links that you may know of.
Also on this section is my
Reciprocal Links page with links to websites and search engines that have added me to their listings, and
My Resources page listing every website and all the resources I have used to build the structure of this website.

Satin Postcards:   Here you can send friends a Satin Postcard.

Desktop Wallpapers:    This page has lots of Wallpapers I designed my self for you to use as a background for your computers desktop (both 4:3 & 16:9).

What would you like?:   This is a page where you can tell me what you would like to see in this website.

Satin Web Poll:   Take part in the poll and see which is the most popular satin clothing for men.
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The SATIN website - for guys who love and enjoy men's satin clothing